In Memorium

For residential development, this magnificent Southern Magnolia at Sidmouth Aboretum is to be felled. At St Edmund Hall, this Southern Magnolia, which had dominated the front quadrangle for the post-war period, had to be removed as it was damaging the … Continue reading

Wentworth Elm

Long considered extinct in Britain, two Wentworth Elms were discovered in the grounds of Holyrood Palace, during a survey by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, in 2016. They are thought to have been planted in about 1909. … Continue reading

Narrow Leaved Ash

An uncommon and majestic tree, the Narrow Leaved Ash dominates the Museum Gardens in York. Until January 2018, it was listed as a Champion Tree in both height and girth. Unfortunately, as a result of water transmission problems in its … Continue reading

Dawyck Beech

A unique tree, a fastigiate Beech, was discovered by Sir John Naesmyth in the grounds of his house near Peebles. The grounds are now known as Dawyck Gardens, a constituent of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Naesmyth was the landscape … Continue reading